Everything you need to know about the official BC.Game app

The mobile version of BC.Game provides an unrivaled gaming experience right on your smartphone, anywhere and anytime. Enjoy a wide selection of games, easy access to bonuses, and a high level of security on both Android and iOS.

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Mobile version of BC.Game

The casino BC.Game Philippines does not offer a stand-alone mobile app but offers a mobile-optimized website, making it easy for its players to reach gaming content from the web browser of their smartphones or tablets. The functionality is replicated from the desktop version into the mobile-friendly site, so users are at convenience even while on the go. The customer can sign up, play games, deposit funds, withdraw funds, and chat with customer support—all this without the need to download an application. Broad compatibility across a multiplicity of devices may be established by this approach. This approach avoids limitations related to the storage capacity of a device or related to regulations in a specific app store, and much more, ranging from modern smartphones to those running on Android and iOS platforms. 

Requirements to install BC.Game app

Accordingly, the general requirements for the BC.Game app to be installed on devices are considered for a smooth experience. Some of those are in some differences in the case of Android and iOS because the two platforms are to be installed in devices with different specifications and operating systems.

For Android users

  • Operating system. The application mostly operates on an operating system of marshmallow 6.0 or gets upgraded to a version of marshmallow. This is to ensure secure handling and the use of the application.
  • Storage space. Installation of the app requires a minimum of 100 MB of free storage space for apps to run properly. However, updates or additional content may need more space.
  • Permissions. The application may require an internet connection, GPS (for regulatory compliance), and access to storage to download game resources.

For iOS users

  • Operating system. Requires iOS 11.0 and later. The app is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch to provide powerful portability that can let even bigger devices run this application smoothly.
  • Storage space. Just like the Android app, a minimum of 100 MB free storage space is needed for this app. Some devices are likely to have better performance when there is relatively more storage space.
  • Permissions. Just like the Android version of the app, the iOS one might require several permissions for it to work well, including access to the internet and location services..

Overall recommendations

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How to install the mobile app on Android

  1. Open web browser Open your web browser from your Android gadget. For the best results, consider using Google Chrome.
  2. Visit BC.Game. Navigate to the go to the main page of BC.Game site in your browser.
  3. Quick access setup. Add BC.Game to Home Screen After the site has loaded, tap the menu button of the browser, usually represented by three dots or a gear icon located at the top right of the screen. Scroll through the options and select “Add to Home screen.” You will be prompted to name the shortcut. Confirm by tapping “Add,” and the shortcut will appear on your home screen.
  4. Using BC.Game. The shortcut you just created opens BC.Game in the browser as if it were a native app, and you’re all set to play.
  5. Account management. Log in with your existing BC.Game credentials or sign up right from the mobile site if you’re new to start your gaming journey.

How to install the mobile app on iOS

  1. Launch safari. Tap the open Safari icon from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, as the Safari browser integrates perfectly with iOS and is therefore the best choice when adding web shortcuts to the Home screen.
  2. Visit BC.Game. Open Safari and navigate to the go to the main page of BC.Game site in your browser.
  3. Adding a home screen shortcut. Tap the share icon at the bottom of the Safari window. Scroll down the options until you find “Add to Home Screen” and tap this option. ou will be asked to give the shortcut a name. Finish up by clicking “Add” at the top right of the dialog.
  4. Using the shortcut. You should be able to see an icon pretty much like an app on your home screen, and this should be one shortcut that helps you gain access directly through Safari to BC.Game with one tap, anytime one wishes to play games.
  5. Account management: Existing users at BC.Game can log in using the credentials already set. Signup is just a click away on the mobile site to get your gaming journey started.

Why the mobile version and not the app

Several strategic advantages and issues of implementation should be considered when opting for a mobile version of the platform, such as BC.Game, instead of a dedicated application.

Why the BC.Game app is not available in the PlayMarket and AppStore

The BC.Game platform is not available as a downloadable app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, primarily due to the stringent regulations and policies these platforms uphold regarding gambling and betting applications.

Google Play store considerations

  • Gambling policies. Google maintains strict regulations for apps that involve real-money gambling. Despite some recent policy relaxations in specific jurisdictions, allowing gambling apps under certain conditions, numerous regions continue to prohibit such applications.
  • Regulatory compliance. For an app to be listed, it must fully comply with the gambling laws pertinent to the countries it targets. This process can be intricate, necessitating extensive documentation and adherence to diverse legal frameworks that vary significantly across different territories.

Apple App store constraints

  • Rigorous review process. Apple subjects gambling apps to an exhaustive review process to ensure they meet all legal and safety prerequisites.
  • Geo-restrictions. Gambling apps that are permitted must incorporate geo-restriction functionalities to prevent access from areas where gambling is deemed illegal. Ensuring these features are both effective and in line with Apple’s requirements can be a technically demanding and resource-intensive endeavor.
  • Native functionality mandate. Apple requires that apps provide native iOS functionality. This stipulation means that apps must offer more than just a web-based experience wrapped in an app; they must deliver a genuine iOS user experience. This requirement often necessitates additional development work to transition from a web platform to an app that fulfills Apple’s native functionality criteria.
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Last used 6 minutes ago

Do not download imitations of the application from other platforms

Avoid Imitations! It’s crucial to be cautious and not download BC.Game or any other gambling app from unofficial platforms or sources. Imitations or unofficial apps could pose significant security risks, including malware, phishing attempts, and the mishandling of personal and financial information.

Safe alternatives

Official website. The safest way to access BC.Game is directly through its official website using a mobile browser. The website is optimized for mobile use, offering a secure and user-friendly experience without the need to download an app.

Web app shortcut. Users can add a shortcut to the BC.Game website on their home screen, as described in previous instructions. This method provides app-like accessibility without the risks associated with downloading unofficial apps.

How safe is the mobile version of BC.Game

BC.Game has designed its mobile version to give priority to security and safety, making sure that every user of theirs is well protected while on their site. The following are among the indispensable security aspects installed on BC.Game’s mobile site.

How to uninstall BC.Game app

In case you have added a shortcut to your home screen for the quick access of BC.Game and now want to remove it, then here is how you do it. Below is the procedure for both Android and iOS.

For Android

  1. Find the shortcut. Find a shortcut to BC.Game, then with your home screen, search for the BC.Game icon or open the app drawer, depending on where you placed it.
  2. Delete the shortcut. Long-press on the icon until a menu appears or the icon is draggable. You may see an option to remove or delete, or you may have to drag the icon to a “Remove” or “Trash” area on your screen. How exactly you do this can slightly differ, depending on your version of Android and its manufacturer.
  3. Confirm removal. Confirm that this is really what you want to remove if it asks you.

For iOS

  1. Find the shortcut. Go to your home screen in order to find the BC.Game web app icon.
  2. Enter jiggle mode. Tap and hold an icon until all icons start to jiggle. In the most recent versions of iOS, you may have to tap “Edit Home Screen” from the quick action menu.
  3. Delete the shortcut. Tap the minus (“-“) sign or “Remove” next to the icon, then tap “Delete” or “Remove” to remove the shortcut from your home screen.
  4. Exit sonance jiggle mode. Tap the “Done” button at the top-right corner of the screen (on iPhone X and later) or press the home button (on older iPhones) to exit jiggle mode and return to normal.


Are the bonuses that apply in the desktop version also applicable if one accesses BC.Game through the mobile version?

All bonuses that apply to the desktop version of BC.Game similarly apply when the same is accessed through the platform’s mobile-optimized website. This involves welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and everything that has to do with special offers. Briefly, mobile will provide access to the full gaming service, with all features and opportunities as on the desktop.

Should I register again to play the mobile version of BC.Game?

No, there is no need to re-register if you want to play on BC.Game through the mobile version. In case you have an account already, just log in to begin enjoying yourself using the already existing credentials. The mobile version is an extension of the desktop platform, with a seam of your one account from one device to another.

Can I deposit funds and withdraw through this version?

The same can absolutely be mentioned about the mobile version because all payment methods from the desktop version have been adapted for the phone. Depositing the money and withdrawing the winnings can be done without any trouble. The process is as safe as on the website and encrypted from third-party interference.

Does BC.Game mobile version keep my personal information safe?

Yes, your personal information is safe in the BC.Game mobile version. The protection comes with high-level mechanisms, among which SSL technology is involved. Moreover, it is recommended that you use two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security. Always ensure that the site you are on is the genuine BC.Game to avoid attempts of phishing.

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