BC.Game bonuses and special offers for Filipinos 2024

BC.Game has several types of bonuses: welcome, referral, deposit, and even no deposit bonuses. Their total amount is more than 1200%, so it is important to study the conditions of each of them and get the maximum benefit at the start.

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Promo code for a welcome bonus when registering at BC.Game

BC.Game extends a captivating welcome bonus for new entrants, notably accessible through the utilization of a promo code. This bonus is effortlessly claimed, with the promo code being automatically applied when you engage via a specific promotional link or through selecting the registration button linked to the offer.

Your welcome bonus

  • Employ a legitimate link. Currently, bonus promo codes are entered automatically and are available only through the links of official representatives to prevent fraud.
  • Examine the promotion. The welcome bonus is 180% but with a minimum deposit of 100.99 PHP.
  • Conclude the sign-up process. Proceed to complete the registration form with the necessary particulars. Should the promo code be integrated correctly during this process, your eligibility for the welcome bonus, in alignment with the promotional conditions, should be confirmed.
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How to get a 300% bonus instead of 180%

BC.Game introduces an enticing welcome bonus framework designed to amplify the initial gaming experiences for newcomers. A particularly notable promotion is the chance to secure a 300% bonus on your initial deposit, a significant uplift from the standard 180%, contingent on the deposit being executed within the first 7 minutes post-registration.

The 300% bonus

  1. Initiate your BC.Game journey. Start by setting up a new profile on BC.Game. Input all necessary details to finalize your account creation.
  2. Grasp the bonus stipulations. Prior to completing your sign-up, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the conditions tied to the 300% bonus. Your first deposit must be made within 7 minutes of opening your account. But with a minimum deposit of 100.99 PHP.
  3. Verify bonus allocation. Subsequent to depositing, inspect your account ledger or the bonus section to ascertain the application of the 300% bonus to your balance.
  4. Engage customer support when necessary. Should you face any challenges or if the bonus doesn’t reflect as anticipated, it’s advisable to promptly get in touch with BC.Game’s customer support for assistance.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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The bonus system for the first 4 deposits

BC.Game’s introductory bonus framework is ingeniously crafted to lavish newcomers with rewards upon their initial deposits, fostering an inviting and engaging atmosphere on the platform. This progressive bonus arrangement not only augments your initial gaming funds but also stimulates sustained participation on the platform.

First deposit incentive

  • Bonus proportion. Fresh entrants are greeted with a 180% bonus on their maiden deposit. This percentage escalates to an impressive 300% for deposits executed within a mere 7 minutes post-registration.
  • Cap on bonus. The zenith of the bonus attainable from this offer is pegged at $20,000, or its equivalent in alternate recognized currencies.

Second deposit gratuity

  • Bonus proportion. The subsequent deposit is met with a 240% bonus, further amplifying your gaming reserves.
  • Cap on bonus. This bonus’s upper limit is $40,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, significantly bolstering your account balance.

Third deposit reward

  • Bonus proportion. Your third deposit is rewarded with a 300% bonus, mirroring the potential rate of the initial deposit bonus for prompt depositors, thereby offering a considerable enhancement to your gaming funds.
  • Cap on bonus. The maximum bonus for this deposit is a generous $60,000 or its equivalent in another currency, further enriching your gaming experience on BC.Game.

Four deposit bonus

  • Bonus proportion. The fourth and concluding deposit within this welcome package presents the loftiest rate at a 360% bonus, optimizing the reward for your ongoing deposits.
  • Cap on bonus. The apex bonus for the fourth deposit escalates to $100,000 or its equivalent in other currencies, delivering an unparalleled uplift to your BC.Game account.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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Lucky Spin

BC.Game patrons are bestowed with the exhilarating prospect of garnering additional rewards via the Lucky Spin, a daily roulette of fortune. This feature grants users a chance once every 24-hour span to spin the wheel and vie for cryptocurrencies or other bonuses applicable on the platform.

Guidance on utilizing the Lucky Spin at BC.Game

  1. Account access. Initiate by logging into your BC.Game account. The Lucky Spin feature is exclusively accessible to registered members.
  2. Navigating to the Lucky Spin section. This option is usually prominently displayed, either as a direct link within the casino’s menu or on a toolbar situated atop the homepage.
  3. Engage in the spin. Each player is entitled to one complimentary spin per day. Simply engage the “Start” button to activate the wheel’s rotation and await the revelation of your reward.
  4. Claim your reward. Upon the wheel’s halt, your prize will be instantly unveiled. The rewards spectrum varies from minor cryptocurrency fractions to more substantial bonuses.

Essential insights

  • Randomization principle. The outcomes derived from the Lucky Spin are governed by chance, ensuring each spin harbors an equal probability of success.
  • Usage terms. It’s prudent to acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions tied to the utilization of prizes procured through the Lucky Spin. Some rewards may be subject to wagering stipulations or other constraints.
  • Frequency advantage. Despite the inherent casino advantage, engaging in more spins over time enhances your likelihood of securing more significant rewards.

Referral bonus for a friend

BC.Game presents a particularly enticing referral scheme that rewards you for each new player you introduce to the platform. Concealed within the very fabric of its webpage, this initiative is designed to incentivize and acknowledge existing members for spreading the word about the casino and encouraging acquaintances to join. It’s noteworthy that the bonus received from referring a friend might fluctuate based on the active promotions at the time of their registration. Generally, BC.Game offers a consistent percentage of the deposits made by your referrals. To avail of the referral bonuses on BC.Game, adhere to the following procedure.

  1. Acquire your referral link or code. Within your BC.Game profile lies a segment dedicated to your unique referral link or code, ready for dissemination.
  2. Disseminate the link/code. Armed with your referral link or code, you’re poised to share it through various channels, be it social media, email, or any preferred communication medium.
  3. Bonus accumulation. The fruition of your efforts is realized when your referred friend completes their registration and initiates their inaugural deposit, triggering your bonus reward.

Daily and weekly tasks

BC.Game has unveiled an innovative approach to elevate the gaming journey for its patrons by instituting daily and weekly missions. These missions are meticulously crafted to bestow rewards upon players for their engagement on the platform, presenting additional bonuses atop the customary game earnings.

Daily Missions

  • Slots aficionado. Aim is garner a single-day gain of $4.00 in any external Slots game. Concentrate on slots with superior RTP (Return to Player) ratios or those within your realm of expertise to augment the likelihood of achieving the profit goal.
  • Just wager on. Aim is amass a daily wagering total of $100 across the board. Distribute your stakes among games where you hold comfort and proficiency, ensuring judicious management of your funds to reach the $100 milestone without depleting your resources.
  • Video poker prodigy. Aim is secure 3 consecutive victories in Video Poker with minimum bets of $0.40. A profound grasp of video poker tactics and the selection of an optimal variant can drastically elevate your chances of a triumphant sequence.

Weekly mission

  • Wager marathon. Aim is attain a cumulative weekly wager of $700 across all games. Steady engagement throughout the week and exploration of diverse games will facilitate meeting this objective. Favor games that allow for an extended play duration with your bankroll, enhancing both enjoyment and opportunity for success.

Other no deposit bonuses

BC.Game’s innovative approach to no deposit bonuses, notably via cashbacks and lottery draws, exemplifies its forward-thinking and player-focused philosophy. These bonuses are ingeniously crafted not only to allure new participants but also to commend the fidelity and active involvement of current members, particularly those who have ascended to higher echelons in the VIP hierarchy. Delve into the mechanics of these bonuses and the substantial benefits they contribute to your gaming escapade on the platform.


At BC.Game, cashbacks are a pivotal lure for gamers, especially those who have elevated to VIP Level 22 or beyond. This framework is devised to honor players for their dedication and wagering activities on the platform, providing a restitution from their stakes.

  • Loyalty accolades. The cashback mechanism functions as a token of appreciation, honoring the steadfast loyalty of the gamers.
  • Risk alleviation. Receiving a fraction of their wagers back enables players to alleviate some gambling-associated perils.
  • Augmented gaming duration. Cashbacks essentially bolster a player’s funds, facilitating prolonged gaming sessions without necessitating additional deposits.


BC.Game has ingeniously redefined the conventional lottery for the digital age, incorporating cryptocurrencies into its essence. This evolution introduces a contemporary flair to a traditional gambling modality, accompanied by several advantages.

Promo codes and sheetcodes

Promotional codes. Promotional codes are sequences of numbers and/or letters that online casinos and gaming platforms offer to their players to grant access to special offers. Bonuses, free spins, and even access to special tournaments are the main purposes of promotional codes.

Sheetcodes. The term “sheetcodes” is used to define specific bonus codes and promotions that grant access to game credits, bonuses, free spins, and even the internal currency of casinos. This latter, whether quirky or not, is interpreted as the most intense promotions aiming to serve, at the very least, the same purpose as promotional codes.

Where to find promotions and sheetcodes

Manually activating a code

  1. Access your account on BC.Game.
  2. Go to “Bonus” in the side menu.
  3. Locate the option to activate a code, which is usually in the top right corner.
  4. Carefully enter the promotional code, respecting uppercase and lowercase letters.
  5. Confirm activation by clicking “Confirm,” “Activate,” or another equally reliable confirmation command.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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Benefits of different VIP status levels

BC.Game upholds its unwavering dedication to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience by offering a comprehensive VIP program that spans from Bronze to Diamond III levels. This program is a testament to the platform’s commitment to acknowledging and rewarding its most devoted members, ensuring each player feels exceptionally valued. Below are the specifics of the rewards available at each tier of the VIP program, from the introductory Bronze Level to the esteemed Diamond III.

  • Bronze level (VIP 2-7). Initiates at the Bronze level are greeted with a 1.04 BCD welcome bonus and gain the ability to host Coin Drops in the chat, rewarding active participants.
  • Silver level (VIP 8-21). Advancing to Silver, members not only retain Bronze benefits but also receive an augmented bonus of 18.90 BCD, the capability to tip other players, and an additional Lucky Spin with each new VIP level attained starting from level 8.
  • Platinum level I (VIP 38-55). Members at Platinum I level enjoy an enhanced bonus of 1905.00 BCD per level, better cashbacks, personalized customer service via a VIP host, and the privilege of fee-free withdrawals, along with all preceding level benefits.
  • Platinum level II (VIP 56-69). Elevating to this level increases the bonus to 5850.00 BCD, with further improved cashbacks and dedicated VIP customer service, maintaining all benefits of the Platinum tier.
  • Diamond I (SVIP 1-15). At Diamond I, players start to experience elite perks including a bonus of 30600.00 BCD, superior cashbacks, an exclusive SVIP customer service host, and participation in valuable prize draws.
  • Diamond II (SVIP 16-37). This level sees a bonus escalation to 297800.00 BCD, alongside all enhanced SVIP cashbacks and benefits, which includes exclusive entry into special prize draws.
  • Diamond III (SVIP 38-55). Achieving Diamond III places a player at the zenith of the VIP program, where they are awarded a colossal bonus of 1462000.00 BCD per level, the highest cashbacks, exclusive SVIP privileges, and access to extraordinary prize draws.


How do wagering requirements work for bonuses at BC.Game?

Wagering requirements at BC.Game specify the amount of money you need to bet before you can withdraw winnings earned from bonus funds. Here’s how they generally work.  Wagering requirements are typically expressed as a multiplier (e.g., 30x, 40 x). If you receive a bonus of $100 with a 30x wagering requirement, you must wager $3,000 ($100 x 30) on eligible games before you can withdraw the bonus winnings. Bonuses usually have an expiration date. You’ll need to meet the wagering requirements within this timeframe to keep your bonus and any winnings.

Can I claim multiple bonuses simultaneously at BC.Game?

BC.Game does allow players to engage with multiple promotions, but specific rules dictate their claim and utilization. Although you might qualify for several bonuses, the terms and conditions of each offer will determine if they can be used concurrently (“stacked”). Some bonuses might be incompatible with others, and often, they need to be claimed and utilized in a designated sequence, particularly if part of a deposit series (e.g., first, second, third deposit bonuses) or when preceding bonuses have wagering prerequisites that must be satisfied before proceeding to the next bonus.

What should I do if I didn’t receive my bonus at BC.Game?

Review the promotion’s terms and conditions to ensure all criteria were met, including any minimum deposit amounts, wagering requirements, or deadlines. Some bonuses may have a processing time before they’re credited to your account. If you’ve confirmed that you meet all the requirements and have allowed any stated processing time to pass, reach out to BC.Game’s customer support. Provide them with details about the promotion and any relevant actions you’ve taken (like making a qualifying deposit).

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