How to make your first deposit at BC.Game

You can make a deposit at BC.Game in just a few clicks, and the replenishment is almost instantaneous. The minimum amount depends on the currency and the deposit method, but usually starts at 100 PHP.

Make your deposit within 7 minutes after registration and get as much as 300% first deposit bonus.

Minimum deposit at BC.Game


For the infusion of digital currencies, BC.Game heralds remarkably diminutive thresholds for initial deposits, positioning it as a supremely approachable bastion for enthusiasts across the globe. Whether your allegiance lies with the venerable Bitcoin or you pledge fidelity to altcoins such as USDT or TRX, BC.Game extends its welcoming arms to all.

  • Bitcoin (BTC). Embark on your adventure with a mere fraction, precisely 0.000000001 BTC. For the astute looking to augment their gaming prowess, a modest contribution of 0.0001513 BTC entitles you to an opulent 180% bonus, magnifying your stake.
  • Tether (USDT). Entry into BC.Game’s cornucopia of amusement commences with a paltry 0.000001 USDT. Contributions exceeding 10.00 USDT are lavished with a bountiful 180% bonus.
  • TRON (TRX). Delve into the fervor with a trivial 0.09 TRX. Elevating your initial tally, a deposit surpassing 85.8742 TRX bestows upon you an additional 180% bonus.


For aficionados residing in the Philippines, BC.Game has meticulously refined its deposit architecture to meld effortlessly with predominant local pecuniary conduits, guaranteeing a swift and uncomplicated entry for all.

  • GCash. A titan among electronic fiscal systems within the Philippines, sanctioning deposits from 100 to 50,000 PHP. A mere investment of 100.99 PHP is rewarded with a handsome 180% bonus, with the capital infusion completing in as brisk as 2 minutes.
  • PayMaya. Mirroring GCash in utility and swiftness, PayMaya patrons may channel funds ranging from 50 to 50,000 PHP. Analogous to GCash, a deposit of no less than 100.99 PHP garners an additional 180% bonus, with transactions concluding in a mere minute
  • GrabPay. Paralleling the deposit spectrum of GCash and PayMaya, GrabPay facilitates expedient and effortless financial transactions, also gratifying a minimum deposit of 100.99 PHP with an 180% bonus. The replenishment sequence is rapid, culminating in approximately 1 minute.
  • Bank transfer. Catering to those who venerate traditional monetary transactions, BC.Game offers bank transfer avenues from 100 to 50,000 PHP. A threshold deposit of 100.99 PHP likewise secures the 180% bonus.

How to make your first deposit at BC.Game

Initiating your premiere deposit at BC.Game is designed for simplicity, ensuring that those new to the platform can traverse the procedure devoid of perplexity. Herein lies a comprehensive manual to shepherd you at every juncture.

  1. Initiating access to your account. Logging in with your credentials. For users with two-factor authentication (2FA) activated, inputting your 2FA code becomes an essential step.
  2. Advancing to the deposit area. Once authenticated, direct your attention to the “Wallet” option or“Deposit”.
  3. Electing your deposit denomination. BC.Game supports a vast spectrum of digital currencies for deposit, encompassing but not confined to BCH, DOGE, NEO, XRP, USDT. Elect the denomination you prefer for your deposit. It’s noteworthy that fiat currencies are accommodated.
  4. Employing the QR code. Following the selection of your deposit currency, a distinct deposit address materializes. For those wielding mobile devices, utilizing the furnished QR code with your digital wallet app emerges as the most straightforward technique to secure this address. For desktop users, copy the deposit address and paste it into the “recipient” field of your digital wallet.
  5. Specifying the deposit quantity. The volume dispatched should eclipse the minimum deposit criterion subsequent to the deduction of transaction fees to ensure a deposit’s success.
  6. Verification of your deposit. The importance of double-checking the deposit address and the quantum of cryptocurrency you are transmitting cannot be overstated. Ensure accuracy before you consummate the transaction in your digital wallet and instigate it on the blockchain network.
  7. Anticipating confirmation. The latency for your deposit’s confirmation hinges upon the chosen cryptocurrency and the current network congestion. Networks such as BCH or NEO may facilitate transactions with greater alacrity relative to others.

Why it is important to make a deposit in 7 minutes

The pioneering bonus architecture at BC.Game is meticulously engineered to honor participants for their alacrity and resolution, manifesting as a distinctive hallmark that distinguishes it amidst the fiercely competitive realm of digital crypto gaming havens and wagering platforms. Notably, the forum proffers an extraordinarily munificent 300% boon to novices inaugurating their inaugural deposit within a septet of minutes subsequent to their enrolment.

  • Catalyzing swift involvement. The provision of a 300% incentive for allocations transacted within a septenary of minutes post account instantiation propels new entrants to immerse into the fray posthaste.
  • Enhancing the participant interface. By inciting players to finalize their contribution with expedition, it guarantees their prompt acclimatization with the deposit mechanism.
  • Cementing trust and allegiance. In recompensing players for their immediate reliance on the platform with a hefty premium, BC.Game cultivates an immediate affinity, fostering loyalty from the commencement.
  • Advocating for cryptocurrency adoption. Considering BC.Game’s foundation as a crypto casino, the septenary-minute deposit boon further advocates for the embracement of digital currencies.
  • Inducing a feeling of expediency. This incitement of celerity holds particular allure for gamers and punters who relish the thrill of rapid decisions and high-velocity engagement.
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Payment methods accepted at BC.Game in the Philippines

BC.Game extends its services to an eclectic assembly, including aficionados from the Philippines, by provisioning a plethora of payment conduits. This inclusivity certifies that patrons have the liberty to elect the most expedient and accessible modality, be it conventional banking practices, renowned electronic payment frameworks, or the avant-garde realm of digital currencies. Below delineated are the payment avenues available at BC.Game for enthusiasts residing in the Philippines.


As a vanguard in the acceptance of assorted digital currencies, BC.Game offers Filipino participants a secure, swift, and pseudonymous avenue for the infusion and retrieval of funds. Among the principal cryptocurrencies sanctioned are:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • TRON (TRX)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • alongside myriad others, furnishing a broad spectrum of alternatives for cryptocurrency aficionados.

Fiat payment systems

In acknowledgment of the widespread adoption and utility of electronic wallets in the Philippines, BC.Game accommodates several e-payment solutions:

  • GCash. An extensively utilized mobile payment service within the Philippines, enabling swift and straightforward transactions directly from a smartphone.
  • PayMaya. An additional prevalent e-wallet in the Philippines, providing a facile method for online fund management.
  • GrabPay. Integrating into the Grab application, renowned for ride-hailing, GrabPay expands its utility to encompass an e-wallet feature for safeguarded online remittances.
  • Bank transfer. For enthusiasts inclined towards traditional financial methodologies, BC.Game also welcomes deposits via bank transfer.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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How to make a deposit with cryptocurrency

Infusing your BC.Game account with digital currency is an intuitively straightforward endeavor, crafted for rapidity and security, mirroring the platform’s dedication to furnishing an unblemished gaming journey. Irrespective of your proficiency with digital currencies, these steps will guide you in bolstering your BC.Game account with cryptocurrency.

  1. Post-login, direct yourself to the ‘Wallet’ or ‘Deposit’ segment of your account, located at the upper right quadrant of the display or via the principal navigation menu.
  2. Elect cryptocurrency as your deposit medium. Within the deposit interface, myriad payment modalities are presented. Opt for “Cryptocurrency” to advance with a crypto infusion.
  3. Subsequently, you’ll be invited to select the specific digital currency you desire for your deposit. BC.Game embraces an extensive assortment of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), TRON (TRX), among numerous others.
  4. Following your cryptocurrency choice, a unique deposit directive in the guise of a QR code and a wallet address will be furnished. This directive is exclusive to your dossier and the chosen cryptocurrency.
  5. Employ your wallet to dispatch the specified quantum of cryptocurrency to the given deposit directive. You may manually key in the address or utilize the QR code for ease.
  6. Input the quantum you intend to deposit and authenticate the transaction within your wallet.
  7. Digital currency transactions necessitate a network corroboration prior to the augmentation of funds to your account. This duration may vary from a few moments to an hour.

List of all cryptocurrencies supported by BC.Game

BC.Game embraces a vast constellation of digital currencies, affording participants a rich tapestry of choices for both deposits and withdrawals. This platform’s zealous adoption of the digital currency vanguard is manifest in its expansive roster of supported cryptocurrencies, serving a wide swath of the crypto community. Such a catalogue is a testament to BC.Game’s commitment to crafting a versatile and encompassing arena for cryptocurrency aficionados. By accommodating an extensive spectrum of digital currencies, BC.Game assures that gamers possess the liberty to engage with their favored cryptocurrencies for gaming exchanges. It’s pertinent to acknowledge that the presence of particular digital currencies may fluctuate, potentially broadening over time as BC.Game continually recalibrates and enriches its selections, aligning with the dynamic evolution of the digital currency ecosystem.

What to do if the balance is not replenished

Should you stumble upon impediments with the update latency of your BC.Game account’s balance, it becomes paramount to discern the transaction’s current stature and apprehend the apt measures for its resolution. Behold, a meticulous walkthrough to untangle this predicament with adeptness.

Status “In process”

  • In the event your transaction is flagged as “In Process,” it signifies that the custodian of your funds is at this very moment in the throes of processing your deposit.
  • Forecasted processing interlude. Expectation holds that the transaction shall be honored within a 48-hour interval subsequent to the payment custodian’s ratification.
  • Within a 48-hour framework. Should the chronometer yet to mark 48 hours since your appeal, a period of anticipation is recommended.
  • Beyond the 48-hour milestone. Crossing the 48-hour demarcation while the status steadfastly remains “In Process” necessitates an immediate summons to our customer support via real-time communication.

Status “Success”

  • A “Success” notation is a harbinger of your deposit’s successful validation and processing by the monetary intermediary.
  • Allocation of funds. The assets are slated for accreditation to your account within a 24-hour span post-confirmation.
  • Imperative action upon non-receipt of funds. Absenteeism of funds post a 24-hour interval mandates an urgent dialogue with our customer support through instantaneous messaging.
  • Documentation imperative. Arm yourself with the latest chronological record of your bank statement in PDF guise, chronicling the saga from the deposit invocation to the present epoch.

Encapsulation of resolution tactics

Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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Bonus system for the first 4 deposits

The bonus scheme at BC.Game, meticulously crafted to enhance the gaming journeys of its clientele, is revealed through a layered system that incrementally enriches the initial four deposits with progressively substantial rewards. These bonuses are allocated in BCD (where 1 BCD is equivalent to 1 USD), enabling players to navigate BC.Game’s vast array of entertainments — ranging from slot mechanisms and card games to high-stakes ventures and live casino experiences — with an augmented bankroll. This structure serves not only to swell the financial buffers of the gamers but also elevates the entire gaming narrative within the BC.Game ecosystem.

First deposit reward

  • Patrons receive a 180% boost.
  • For those initiating and funding their accounts within seven minutes, this upliftment can surge to 300%.
  • The maximum bonus provision can climb to $20,000 or its equivalent in other currencies.

Second deposit reward

  • A 240% enhancement is granted for the second funding.
  • The summit of bonus capability rises to $40,000 or its equivalent in other denominations.

Third deposit reward

  • The bonus for the third contribution escalates to 300%.
  • The ceiling for the ultimate bonus achievable vaults to $60,000 or its equivalent in alternative currencies.

Fourth deposit reward

  • The concluding installment in the deposit bonus array offers a 360% increase.
  • The zenith for the bonus expands up to $100,000 or its equivalent in other fiscal mediums.


After making a deposit, how quickly will the funds appear in my BC.Game account?

Deposit intervals at BC.Game fluctuate based on the selected payment avenue. For cryptocurrency deposits, crediting occurs once the transaction garners the requisite confirmations on the blockchain, which could span from mere minutes to beyond an hour during periods of escalated network traffic. Conversely, fiat currency contributions via avenues such as GCash, PayMaya, or bank transfers typically conclude within a few minutes. Monitoring your BC.Game account and the particular blockchain’s status is advisable should delays transpire, given that processing durations are subject to variation due to external contingencies.

Will I be charged any fees when making a deposit to my BC.Game account?

Concerning deposit fees to your BC.Game account, the platform itself customarily abstains from imposing any charges, irrespective of whether cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies are employed. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to recognize that cryptocurrency transactions necessitate a blockchain network fee, not accruing to BC.Game, but rather remunerating miners or validators for facilitating the transaction. This fee’s magnitude can diverge considerably, contingent on the employed cryptocurrency and the prevailing congestion on its network. Regarding fiat currency transactions, any applicable fees would be governed by the policies of the payment provider or bank involved.

Is it possible to deposit funds into my BC.Game account using one cryptocurrency and later withdraw those funds in a different cryptocurrency?

BC.Game endorses a pliable financial framework, permitting the deposit of funds in one cryptocurrency and their withdrawal in an alternative cryptocurrency. This feasibility stems from the conversion of cryptocurrency deposits into an equivalent valuation in the platform’s internal currency, subsequently enabling game play or withdrawal in any supported cryptocurrencies. This flexibility is advantageous for fund management and capitalizing on favorable exchange rates or diminished transaction fees across different blockchains.

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