How to make money on the BC.Game referral system

The BC.Game referral bonus allows you to receive up to 1000 USD for one friend referred through your referral link. However, the full amount can be received not immediately, but when the referral reaches a certain level.

Receive commissions and the first reward for your referral after reaching level 4!

What is the referral system and how it works

BC.Game’s referral program is ingeniously designed to foster a mutually rewarding ecosystem for both referrers and their invited new users. By leveraging this system, users can benefit significantly from introducing new players to BC.Game’s extensive range of online casino games and sports betting avenues.

How the referral system works

  • Referral link creation. As an existing BC.Game user, you can generate a unique referral link from the “Affiliate” section. This personalized link serves as an invitation to potential new players, encouraging them to join and explore BC.Game.
  • New user sign-up. Individuals who sign up for BC.Game using your referral link automatically become your referrals. Their engagement on the platform not only provides them with a top-tier online gambling experience but also begins to accumulate rewards for you.
  • Reward accumulation. The reward structure is designed to be tiered, focusing on your referrals’ progression from level 4 to level 70 within the platform. You receive USD rewards for every level-up milestone achieved by your referral, enabling earnings of up to $1,000 per referral.
  • Locked fund mechanism. Initially, the potential earnings from all your referrals are placed in a “Locked fund”. This fund unlocks incrementally as each referral progresses through levels, facilitating a steady flow of rewards that reflect the activity and dedication of the players you’ve introduced.
  • VIP referral transfers. Acknowledging the prestige of seasoned casino players, BC.Game permits referrals to transfer their VIP status from other casinos. Should your referral initiate their journey on BC.Game at an elevated level (e.g., level 13), you will start receiving rewards from their subsequent level advancements (level 14 and beyond).
  • Commission rewards. In addition to level-up rewards, you’ll also earn commission rewards based on the wagering activities of your referrals across BC.Game’s full spectrum of games and betting options. This commission is calculated as a percentage of the bets your referrals place, ensuring you benefit from their sustained participation on the platform.
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How much you can earn if you bring 1 friend to BC.Game

BC.Game’s friend referral program is ingeniously designed to offer substantial rewards, extending beyond a mere initial bonus to a comprehensive rewards system that benefits both the referrer and the referral as they progress on the platform.

Earning potential

  • Up to $1,000 per referral. You stand to gain from a tiered reward structure as your referral progresses through levels on BC.Game. With each level your friend surpasses, you unlock a part of the potential $1,000 reward, essentially rewarding you for your referral’s sustained activity on the platform.

Commission on games

  • All in-house original games. Earn a commission equal to 7% of the 1% of the wager amount your referrals stake on BC.Game’s original games.
  • Third-party games. Reap benefits from a 15% commission of the 1% of wagers your referrals place on third-party games hosted on BC.Game.
  • Sports betting. Enjoy an even higher commission rate of 25% of the 1% wagered by your referrals on sports betting options available on the platform.

Locked fund mechanism

  • Steady rewards flow. The potential $1,000 earnings from each referral are initially allocated to a “Locked Fund”. This fund incrementally unlocks as your referral climbs through the levels, guaranteeing a continuous reward flow tied directly to the referral’s engagement.

Note on earnings

  • Activity-dependent earnings. The total earnings you can amass depend significantly on your referral’s betting activity and the frequency of their gameplay. The more active your referral is, the higher your earnings, through both the leveling rewards and the ongoing commission. This system not only incentivizes referrals but also fosters engagement and loyalty towards the BC.Game platform, enhancing the gaming ecosystem for all involved.

How to use the BC.Game referral code correctly

Procure your referral code

  1. Profile access. Engage with your BC.Game portal. In the absence of an account, its creation becomes the foundational stride.
  2. Referral segment discovery. Navigate to the ‘Affiliate’ section within your account dashboard, typically located in the account settings or beneath a dedicated promotions tab.
  3. Referral code acquisition. Within this segment, your unique referral code or a link materializes. Copy this datum for dissemination among peers.

Code dissemination

  1. Distribution to peers. Propel your referral code or link through social media channels, electronic mail, or direct messaging. It’s imperative for your acquaintances to employ this code or link at the time of their registration for its recognition.
  2. Benefits elucidation. Illuminate the benefits awaiting at BC.Game for your friends, such as a myriad of games, enticing welcome bonuses, and additional perks post-signup.

Friend registration assistance

  1. Referral link utilization. In instances of referral link dispensation, a simple click by your friends suffices, seamlessly integrating your referral code into their registration process.
  2. Registration completion. Ensure the comprehensive completion of the signup process by your friend, including any obligatory verifications by BC.Game.
  3. Initial deposit. The referral bonuses may, at times, be contingent upon your referred party making their first deposit. It’s pertinent to verify the specifics of the current referral program to understand if this criterion applies.

Incentive redemption

  1. Referral tracking. The referral section in your account typically affords a glance at the status of your referred friends and any accruing bonuses.
  2. Bonuses harvesting. Post fulfillment of necessary conditions by your friend (like registration, deposit), the referral bonuses are credited to your account. A thorough understanding of the terms, such as any betting requirements, is paramount for the full enjoyment of these bonuses.

Where else you can share your referral code

Social media platforms

  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Chronicle your BC.Game journey, underscoring the platform’s perks or captivating facets, alongside your referral code. Employ pertinent hashtags to captivate an audience intrigued by cryptocurrency, online gaming, or wagering.
  • LinkedIn.0 Although not the quintessential gaming hub, LinkedIn serves as a conduit for sharing professional insights into the cryptocurrency and gaming realms, inclusive of your encounters on platforms like BC.Game.

Content creation

  • YouTube and Twitch. Fabricate captivating content such as tutorials, critiques, or live gaming sessions on BC.Game. Incorporate your referral code in the video exposition and vocalize it throughout your presentation to spur sign-ups.
  • Podcasts. In the event of hosting or contributing to a podcast themed around cryptocurrency, gaming, or technology, relay your BC.Game experiences and disseminate your referral code to your audience.

Online communities and forums

  • Cryptocurrency and gaming forums. Participate in dialogues on platforms like Reddit, Bitcointalk, or specific gaming forums. Dispense advice, recount your authentic experiences, and append your referral code where it aligns with forum regulations.
  • Quora and yahoo answers. Engage on Q&A platforms by addressing inquiries pertinent to online casinos, cryptocurrency wagering, and BC.Game. Embedding your referral code in your responses is permissible, provided it enriches your reply and abides by the site’s guidelines.

Educational content

  • Blogging. Craft comprehensive critiques or enlightening blog entries detailing your BC.Game experiences, usage modalities, and the advantages of registering with your referral code. Disseminate these on your weblog or through guest postings on established cryptocurrency and gaming weblogs.
  • Guides and how-to articles. Generate instructive content that resolves prevalent queries or directs new users through BC.Game’s functionalities. Propagate these guides on social media, forums, or as downloadable content in return for email subscriptions, through which you can subsequently share your referral code.

Where to view statistics on referrals

Deciphering referral statistics

  • Total referrals. This quantifies the assembly of individuals who have embarked on the platform journey via your referral conduit.
  • Active referrals. This metric accentuates the enumeration of those nominees actively engaging in the BC.Game universe.
  • Earnings compendium. A depiction of your cumulative earnings from the referral endeavor is provided here. It encapsulates commissions emanating from their betting endeavors alongside any specific bonuses or rewards tied to their progress.
  • Level advancement. In instances where entities like BC.Game bestow rewards contingent on the progression of your referrals, this metric offers visibility into their current echelons and the rewards you’ve amassed.
  • Encumbered funds. This segment elucidates any earnings presently in a state of embargo and delineates the criteria for their emancipation, typically linked to your referrals’ milestone achievements.
  • Withdrawal chronicle. This logs the withdrawal trajectory of your referral scheme dividends, thereby aiding in effective stewardship and fiscal strategizing.
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Are the bonuses in the app still valid?

Absolutely, the array of bonuses and promotional offers extended by BC.Game remain valid and accessible across all platforms where BC.Game can be accessed. Whether you are navigating BC.Game through the mobile-optimized version of the site on your smartphone or tablet, or via a web browser on a desktop computer, you are eligible to capitalize on the promotional offers and bonuses available.

Do I need to register again?

Furthermore, should you already have an account with BC.Game, there is no necessity for re-registration across different devices or access points. Your existing account grants you seamless access to BC.Game, inclusive of any bonuses you’re eligible for, irrespective of the device or platform utilized for access. This ensures a consistent and convenient gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy BC.Game’s offerings from anywhere, without the hassle of multiple registrations.

What happens if my referred friend already had an account with BC.Game?

If your friend already possesses an account with BC.Game, they won’t qualify as a new referral under the guidelines of the referral program. This initiative aims to incentivize the introduction of novel players to the platform. Nevertheless, there remains an abundance of opportunities to invite additional friends who have not yet joined the BC.Game community, enabling you to accrue rewards by successfully referring new users without existing accounts.

Can I withdraw my referral earnings immediately?

Regarding the withdrawal of referral earnings, BC.Game imposes certain stipulations that might include the necessity to reach a specified withdrawal threshold or the condition that funds remain locked until your referrals attain particular levels of activity. The concept of a “Locked Fund” pertains to the rewards that incrementally become accessible as your referrals progress through levels. Upon satisfying these prerequisites and unlocking your earnings, you will be eligible to initiate the withdrawal procedure.

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