How to withdraw funds from BC.Game quickly

Withdrawals at BC.Game usually take 1-8 minutes if it is cryptocurrency or electronic payment systems. And the minimum commission is 0.1%, but it may differ depending on the cryptocurrency.

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Minimum withdrawal amount and commission at BC.Game

BC.Game Philippines extends a diverse array of withdrawal avenues, accommodating a broad spectrum of user preferences, encompassing both digital currencies and traditional fiat options. At BC.Game, the commission fee for currency withdrawals initiates at a minimal rate from 0.1%. However, an exclusive advantage is extended to VIP members who have attained the prestigious platinum status at level 34, as they are entitled to execute withdrawals without incurring any commission fees. Following is an explanation of the minimum withdrawal thresholds along.

Cryptocurrency withdrawal conditions

  • Tether (USDT) will allow a minimum withdrawal of 45.965633 USDT, easing cryptocurrency fans in the transfer of their existing funds.
  • Ethereum (ETH), on the other hand, will allow a minimum withdrawal sum of 0.014072 ETH, balancing both user accessibility and transaction efficiency.
  • Bitcoin (BTC). In conformity to the realities in the crypto market, the withdrawal threshold for Bitcoin has been set at 0.001268 BTC.

Fiat Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer. The platform allows withdrawals between 68 PHP and 50,000 PHP, thus allowing customers a wide scope of transactions.
  • GCash. Users can withdraw the sum of money between 53 PHP and 50,000 PHP, hence offering the required need for flexibility to the users.
  • PayMaya. Withdrawals are between 52 and 10,000 PHP for accommodating the preferences of many users.
  • PayLoro. The withdrawal spectrum ranges from 137 PHP to 50,000 PHP, offering one of the most liberal limits in the industry.

Processing and realization time of a withdrawal request

The duration for processing and actualizing a withdrawal request at BC.Game can fluctuate due to various elements, including the selected method for withdrawal and the verification status of the user’s account. BC.Game is renowned for its expedited withdrawal process, particularly for users with verified accounts.

Cryptocurrency withdrawals

Withdrawals executed in cryptocurrencies are generally processed with remarkable promptness. Nonetheless, the time frame for the funds to be reflected in your wallet might vary, contingent upon the congestion level of the blockchain network at the transaction moment.

Fiat withdrawals

For withdrawals executed in fiat currencies through avenues such as GCash, PayMaya, PayLoro, and bank transfers, BC.Game endeavors to expedite these requests, usually achieving processing within a span of 1 to 5 minutes. This swift processing capability stands as one of BC.Game’s appealing attributes, ensuring that players can access their winnings with minimal delay.

Verification and security evaluations

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How to withdraw money from BC.Game in the Philippines

BC.Game is designed to make withdrawal in the Philippines a breeze for both fiat and crypto users. For the two types of users, here is a step-by-step brief guide to make sure the withdrawal process goes smoothly.

For fiat withdrawals

  1. Login in. Access the account of BC.Game.
  2. Withdrawal. Click the profile icon and then click “Withdraw” to open the interface for withdrawal.
  3. Fiat currency. Search and select “Fiat”
  4. Choose method of withdrawal. Choose the method of your preference from GCash, PayMaya, PayLoro, or a bank transfer that is available and convenient for you.
  5. Enter details. Specify your withdrawal amount within the method’s limits and provide any necessary financial information.
  6. Confirm withdrawal. Double-check the details for accuracy before confirming.
  7. Wait for processing. The processing time may vary, but withdrawals are typically processed promptly.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency

  1. Login. Use your credentials to log into your BC.Game account.
  2. Proceed to withdrawal. Click on “Withdraw” right under the profile icon.
  3. Choose cryptocurrency. Click on “Crypto” from the selection.
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency. Choose your desired kind of cryptocurrency, making sure that it is an acceptable option for your wallet.
  5. Input withdrawal details. The amount of withdrawal in accordance with limits and wallet address should be filled in carefully. QR code feature should be used where available.
  6. Complete withdrawal. Always double-check the details, especially the wallet address, and then go for the withdrawal. The processing times may depend on the activity within the network of that particular cryptocurrency.

Withdrawal methods and limits

BC.Game extends a diverse array of withdrawal avenues, tailored to suit both fiat and cryptocurrency predilections, ensuring flexibility and convenience for its users. Particularly for players in the Philippines, the platform offers withdrawal methods that resonate with local banking preferences and widely adopted digital wallet services, enabling the direct withdrawal of winnings in Philippine Peso (PHP).

Cryptocurrency withdrawal options and limits

The cryptocurrency withdrawal choices facilitate users to seamlessly transfer their earnings to their respective digital wallets, leveraging the advantages of enhanced security, privacy, and generally quicker processing durations in comparison to conventional banking methodologies. The minimal withdrawal amounts are calibrated to cover the network fees and guarantee the practicality of transactions on the blockchain.

  • Tether (USDT). Minimum Withdrawal: 45.965633 USDT.
  • Ethereum (ETH). Minimum Withdrawal: 0.014072 ETH.
  • Bitcoin (BTC). Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001268 BTC.

Fiat currency withdrawal avenues and constraints

These fiat withdrawal modalities present players with familiar and accessible channels to convert their winnings into Philippine Peso (PHP), aligning with prevalent banking practices and digital wallet services in the Philippines.

  • Bank Transfer. Minimum Withdrawal: 68 PHP. Maximum Withdrawal: 50,000 PHP.
  • GCash. Minimum Withdrawal: 53 PHP. Maximum Withdrawal: 50,000 PHP.
  • PayMaya. Minimum Withdrawal: 52 PHP. Maximum Withdrawal: 10,000 PHP.
  • PayLoro. Minimum Withdrawal: 137 PHP. Maximum Withdrawal: 50,000 PHP.
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How to reach the 38th level of VIP status and cancel the withdrawal fee

Attaining the 34th tier of VIP status at BC.Game, which unlocks the privilege of commission-free withdrawals, necessitates a blend of regular gameplay, strategic wagering, and active engagement with the platform’s diverse features. Here’s a systematic strategy to climb the VIP ladder and ultimately secure level 34 status:

  • Grasp the VIP program dynamics. The VIP program at BC.Game is structured in tiers, commencing from Bronze and extending to the pinnacle tiers like Diamond (SVIP). Progressing through these levels unlocks increasingly superior rewards, bonuses, and perks, including the significant advantage of reduced or nullified withdrawal fees at elevated tiers.
  • Boost your wagering volume. Advancement through VIP ranks predominantly hinges on augmenting your wagering volume—the cumulative sum wagered across games, irrespective of the outcomes.
  • Engage in promotional events and contests. BC.Game frequently orchestrates promotional events, contests, and challenges that provide extra rewards or wagering multipliers.
  • Strategic use of VIP bonuses. Progression through the levels yields various bonuses, including but not limited to free spins, cashback, and reload bonuses. Employ these bonuses judiciously to enhance your gaming duration and wagering volume without necessitating additional deposits.
  • Sustain active gameplay. Achieving a VIP level entails not just reaching a benchmark but also upholding a certain level of activity on the platform.
  • Community and support interaction. Active participation in the BC.Game community can occasionally present indirect advantages, such as insights on optimizing rewards or information about imminent promotional activities.
  • Bankroll management. Prudent management of your bankroll is essential. Establish and adhere to budgets for your gambling endeavors to ensure sustained activity over an extended period without compromising your fiscal health.
  • Comprehend terms and conditions. Acquaint yourself thoroughly with the VIP program’s terms and conditions, including the mechanics of point accumulation, their impact on your level, and any other conditions related to level progression and status maintenance.
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What to do if you have problems with withdrawing money from BC.Game

If the fiat withdrawal is delayed or has some problems reaching your account on BC.Game, the steps that will be taken to resolve it entirely depend on the present status of the withdrawal you’re experiencing. Below is a breakdown to assist you in understanding the status of your withdrawal.

If the status is “Withdrawing”

  • Implying. Meaning, your request for withdrawal has been submitted to the payment provider for further processing.
  • Expected Time. The processing should be complete, and the funds would be available in your account no longer than 48 hours after receiving a confirmation by the payment provider.
  • Within 48 hours. If not within 48 hours from the time you made a withdrawal, then in such a case, staying calm is advised, for the transaction should actually still fall under the normal processing time.
  • Beyond 48 hours. Where it exceeds the 48 hours and processing, while the status still reads “Withdrawing,” then an escalation might be necessary, and contacting BC.Game customer support will be advised.

If the status is “Success”

  • Implying. The Payment Service Provider has confirmed a successful processing of your withdrawal request.
  • Expected time frame. Ideally, the funds post-confirmation should reflect in your account within 24 hours.
  • Within 24 hours. If not within 24 hours from the time you made a withdrawal, then in such a case, staying calm is advised.
  • Beyond 24 hours. If that happens, more than 24 hours have passed, the status of your withdrawal has been updated to “Success,” and you have not yet received your withdrawn funds, get in touch with customer support immediately.
  • Documentation: In case you are to contact customer support over some issues in transactions, it will be of great help if you had the most recent bank statement in PDF format, showing transactions from the date of withdrawal request up to now. This documentation helps in the transaction verification process for easier resolution.

Resolution steps

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Help and support for customers at BC.Game

BC.Game support is comprehensive, and it does give the customers support over any kind of inquiries and issues which may come across using the platform. Having recognized this need for support in questions about the demands of time, BC.Game offers several channels and resources for support to the players. And with that said, generally, here are the types of support and help services available to BC.Game customers:


How long does it take to process a withdrawal from BC.Game?

Withdrawal processing times at BC.Game are contingent upon the selected withdrawal method. For cryptocurrency withdrawals, the process is generally swift, often nearing instantaneous completion. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that periods of high traffic on the blockchain network could introduce delays. Conversely, fiat withdrawals, encompassing options like bank transfers and digital wallets such as GCash and PayMaya, are typically processed within a timeframe of 1 to 5 minutes. It’s important to acknowledge, however, that larger withdrawal requests or additional security verifications might prolong this duration.

Can I cancel a withdrawal request at BC.Game?

Once a withdrawal request is made, it typically enters the processing stage quickly to ensure fast fund delivery. Due to this efficiency, it’s usually not possible to cancel a withdrawal request once it’s been submitted. Always double-check your withdrawal details for accuracy before confirming the transaction.

Why is my withdrawal request being delayed?

At BC.Game, there may be withdrawal delays for a few reasons, such as high blockchain activity for the cryptocurrency network, BC.Game insisting on more security checks, or how long third-party payment providers take to process the withdrawals in fiat currency. However, the first withdrawal for new members may be sent under review for BC.Game to comply with the high standard of security they have set and their anti-fraud policy. Since it is so, the account verification should be duly completed to ensure there is no time-consuming delay. This step is crucial in facilitating a smoother and more efficient withdrawal experience.

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