300% Welcome Bonus at BC.Game

The BC.Game Welcome Bonus is a bonus that new players receive for registering and making their first deposit. It increases the initial deposit and makes it easier to start playing.

Register, make a deposit within the first 7 minutes and get as much as 300% of the welcome bonus!

Standard welcome bonus when registering

The 180% Welcome Bonus at BC.Game is ingeniously crafted for novices initiating their inaugural deposit on the platform. Herein is an exhaustive synopsis of this enticing proposition.

  • Welcome bonus proposition. 180% on the Initial Deposit.
  • Qualification. Novitiates enrolling at BC.Game.
  • Activation. This bonus springs to life with the maiden deposit executed by a fledgling user.
  • Bonus denomination. The bonus is apportioned in BCD (BC Dollar), the proprietary currency of BC.Game, with each BCD equivalent to 1 USD.


  1. Navigate to and register on the BC.Game website.
  2. Fulfill the registration protocol by submitting the requisite particulars.
  3. Contribute your premier deposit employing one of the plethora of endorsed currencies, encompassing an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies.
  4. Accrue a 180% bonus on the quantum of your first deposit in BCD.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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How to get a 300% increased bonus when registering at BC.Game

To clinch an elevated 300% bonus when enlisting at BC.Game, adhere to these meticulously delineated steps, aimed at amplifying your initial deposit advantage. This boon is integral to the platform’s stratified welcome bonus scheme, presenting a considerable enhancement over the typical initial deposit bonus.

  1. Locate and engage the “Sign Up” interface. Situated in the upper right quadrant of the homepage.
  2. Fulfill the enrollment document. Provide the indispensable details. Options for registration encompass email, telephone number, or social media channels, contingent upon your predilection.
  3. Timely deposit post-registration. The 300% bonus is frequently contingent upon effectuating your inaugural deposit within a precise temporal window post-account creation, specifically within the inaugural 7 minutes.
  4. Deposit within the stipulated duration. To fall within the ambit of eligibility for the augmented bonus, ensure your deposit consummation within this timeframe.
  5. Choose your deposit method. BC.Game endorses a multiplicity of deposit avenues, inclusive of cryptocurrencies and fiat alternatives. Opt for a deposit mode that aligns with your preferences and is compatible with the bonus stipulation.
  6. Adhere to the minimum deposit stipulation. A minimum deposit quantum may be requisite for the activation of the 300% bonus. Ascertain that your deposit either meets or surpasses this benchmark.
  7. Bonus application verification. Subsequent to your deposit, the bonus ought to be autonomously appended to your account. Nonetheless, it’s prudent to peruse the bonus segment of your account or to initiate communication with customer support should the bonus not be manifestly credited.

BC.Game Welcome Bonus comparison with other casinos in the Philippines

This comparison reveals the distinctive characteristics and benefits each casino offers to its new players. BC.Game stands out with its high bonus percentage and maximum bonus limit, especially with its unique 300% bonus offer available shortly after registration. Here’s a detailed comparison table of the Welcome Bonus offerings from BC.Game and other renowned casinos in the Philippines.

FeatureBC.GameVulkan Vegas CasinoKing Billy CasinoBitStarz Casino
1st Deposit Bonus180% up to $20,000
300% up to $20,000
200% up to $2,000 + 50 spins
120% up to $500 + 70 spins
100% up to $500 + 100 spins125% up to $100 + 180 spins
Min Deposit$10$10/€10$10$20
Max CashoutUnlimited3x bonus value
5x bonus value
Wagering Requirement500x40x30x40x
Bonus ExpirationNo
7 minutes (for 300%)
5 days30 days7 days

What other bonuses are available at BC.Game

BC.Game unfurls an opulent tapestry of bonuses, meticulously engineered to elevate the player experience and laud active engagement. Below is a succinct inventory of additional bonuses accessible at BC.Game.

Bonuses for new players

  • Lucky Wheel Daily Spin. A daily venture to win up to 1 BTC.
  • Deposit bonus. Exclusive bonuses on deposits for newcomers.
  • Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3). A daily opportunity to cast four dice and clinch prizes.
  • Constant chat rains (VIP4). Gain gratis coins through active chat participation.
  • Coin-Drops. Swift acquisitions for dynamic members of the community.
  • Bonuslink/bonus codes. Supplementary rewards via special links or codes.
  • BC.Game Lottery. A lottery chance to win a $100k USD jackpot.
  • Level up bonus. Compensation for ascending through platform levels.
  • Flash Drops. Opportune rewards for those alerted by BC.Game Telegram notifications.
  • Task Hub Rewards. Bonuses for accomplishing tasks.

Bonuses for Advanced Players (VIP14+)

  • Hit Coco for VIP14+. Engage with the COCO arachnid for BCD bonuses.
  • Daily Wager Contest VIP14+. A prize pool for the top ten wagerers every 24 hours.
  • Master Medals VIP14+. Garner medals by completing tasks, with a potential $10,000 reward.
  • Recharge for VIP22+. Avail bonuses every 10 minutes, calibrated by recent wagering activities.
  • Monthly bonus for VIP22+. A gradually introduced bonus for active participants.
  • Privileges for VIP38+ players. Distinctive advantages like a dedicated host service, Top-Up bonuses, and beyond for top-tier VIPs.
Don't waste time, BC.Game has a 300% deposit bonus
Register, make a deposit in 7 minutes and get a 300% bonus on your first deposit and 1200% on the first 4!
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Is there a VIP program at BC.Game, and how can I join?

Indeed, BC.Game heralds a comprehensive VIP program, meticulously designed to recompense its devoted clientele with exclusive perks, bespoke services, and more. Participants are seamlessly inducted into the VIP echelon upon executing their inaugural wager. As you persist in your gaming endeavors, your VIP stature escalates, unlocking increasingly sumptuous rewards and privileges.

Are there any wagering requirements for bonuses at BC.Game?

Concerning the prerequisites for bonus wagering at BC.Game, indeed, the majority of bonuses are tethered to wagering stipulations that must be fulfilled prior to the withdrawal of the bonus or any profits emanating from it. The exact wagering requisites are contingent upon the specific bonus. It is imperative to meticulously peruse the terms and conditions annexed to each bonus proposition, as these documents elucidate the requisite wagering specifications.

Can I withdraw my bonus winnings immediately at BC.Game?

Regarding the immediate withdrawal of bonus-derived winnings at BC.Game, such actions necessitate the fulfillment of the stipulated wagering requirements accompanying the bonus. Post-satisfaction of these conditions, you are at liberty to withdraw your winnings. The wagering obligations and additional terms are explicitly delineated in the terms and conditions of each bonus initiative.

What happens if I don't meet the wagering requirements for a bonus at BC.Game?

Should the wagering requirements for a bonus at BC.Game remain unmet within the designated time frame, any residual bonus funds, alongside potential earnings accrued from the bonus, stand to be forfeited. The duration of validity and conditions pertinent to each bonus exhibit variation, underscoring the importance of consulting the specific terms and conditions pertinent to each claimed bonus.

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