Weekly cashback at BC.Game

Players of VIP 22+ level can get up to 1000 USD bonus every week. BC.Game returns bonus funds in the form of cashback on a weekly basis. You just need to meet a few simple conditions.

Find out how the BC.Game weekly bonus for Filipinos is calculated and how to reach VIP 22 and receive it faster.

What is the Weekly Bonus from BC.Game

The Weekly Bonus at BC.Game is a quintessential element of the platform’s extensive reward system, meticulously designed for the cornerstone of its community—VIP players who have elevated themselves to level 22 and beyond. 

How to get Weekly Bonus

  • Eligibility. A player can access the Weekly Bonus after reaching the VIP level of 22. This is in a bid to ensure the bonus is only accessible to committed and serious players.
  • Automatic distribution. No player is to claim this bonus for themselves. All the eligible players (those who qualify in wager and level VIP 22+) then have the said bonus distributed automatically, which they find at the notifications-rewards every Friday.

Terms and conditions

  • Wagering requirement. To be eligible for this bonus, at least a sum total of $1000 in wagers must have been placed by the player from Friday 00:00 to Thursday 23:59 (UTC) within a week.
  • Coverage. The bonus includes the wagering conducted across games on the BC.Game platform. The only exceptions for coverage are Trading and Futures, where the bets do not qualify for XP accumulation and are excluded from the weekly bonus.
  • Wagering sports and trading. For sports betting, a 2X wager multiplier is applied. There exists a Sports Weekly Bonus, designed specifically for those players engaging actively in sports betting.
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How the Weekly Bonus is calculated

The calculation of the Weekly Bonus at BC.Game is executed with precision, aiming to equitably reward players in alignment with their wagering activities. Here’s an insight into the meticulous methodology behind the calculation.

  • Timeline for wagering. The bonus evaluates wagering activities conducted from 00:00 on Friday until 23:59 on Thursday (UTC) each week. Wagers within this designated period are the only ones considered in the Weekly Bonus calculation.
  • Minimum wager threshold. To qualify for the Weekly Bonus, players must achieve a minimum total wager of $1,000 during the qualifying period. This criterion is established to promote consistent gameplay and ensure the bonus is allocated to genuinely active participants.
  • Determination of bonus amount. The precise Weekly Bonus amount a player receives is directly correlated with the cumulative sum wagered during the qualifying time frame. For those at the Platinum level and beyond, a bonus rate of $8 for every $10,000 wagered is applied. Conversely, GOLD level participants are rewarded with $5 for every $10,000 wagered, reflecting a tiered reward system that scales with the player’s VIP status and wagering activity.
  • Limit on rewards. A maximum Weekly Bonus limit is set at $50,000, placing a ceiling on the amount a player can accrue within a single week. This upper limit is instituted to sustain equilibrium within the rewards system, while still offering significant incentives to the platform’s most prolific bettors and active users.
  • Seamless bonus credit. Qualified players are spared from any manual claims for their Weekly Bonus. It is automatically credited to their accounts each Friday, simplifying access and utilization of the bonus.
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Weekly Bonus for sports betting

The BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus stands as a specialized incentive crafted for the fervent sports betting aficionados within the BC.Game community, aiming to substantially enrich the sports betting experience through a meticulously designed bonus framework. This exclusive incentive allows members who have attained VIP level 22 or higher to secure additional bonuses, thereby augmenting their regular sports wagering endeavors. Eligibility and participation in the BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus adhere to the following prerequisites.

Bonus structure

The bonus amounts are aligned with the total sum wagered within the sportsbook during the stipulated qualifying period, with bonus disbursements scheduled for every Saturday morning (UTC). This progressive reward system is structured to incentivize higher wagers.

  • Wager $500+. Entitles a $5 Weekend Bonus.
  • Wager $2,500+. Qualifies for a $30 Weekend Bonus.
  • Wager $5,000+. Merits a $70 Weekend Bonus.
  • Wager $10,000+. Commands a $150 Weekend Bonus.
  • Wager $50,000+. Yields a $500 Weekend Bonus.
  • Wager $250,000+. Secures a $1,000 Weekend Bonus.

Essential considerations

  • Bonus payout. Bonuses are disbursed in either BCD (for cryptocurrency users) or FIAT (for fiat currency users), based on the player’s selection.
  • Wagering contributions. Only bets placed within the BC.Game Sportsbook are considered towards fulfilling the weekly wagering quota requisite for bonus eligibility.
  • Promotional continuity. This promotion is a perpetual aspect of the BC Sports Club, guaranteeing that VIP level 22+ members consistently have avenues to bolster their sports betting proceeds.

How to reach VIP level 22 faster and get weekly cashback

  • Understand the VIP program structure. First, get familiar with how the VIP levels work at BC.Game. Knowing the requirements for each level and the benefits that come with advancing can help you set clear targets.
  • Increase your wagering volume. The quickest way to advance through the VIP levels is by increasing your wagering volume. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money; instead, focus on regular participation and making the most of the games you enjoy.
  • Participate in promotions and tournaments. BC.Game often hosts tournaments and promotions that can offer additional rewards or multipliers for your gameplay. Participating in these events can significantly increase your wagering volume.
  • Utilize the available bonuses. Make full use of all available bonuses, including welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and any special promotions. These can often boost your balance, allowing you to wager more.
  • Be consistent. Regular play is key. Logging in and wagering consistently can steadily accumulate the required wagering volume to advance levels.
  • Engage with the community. Sometimes, promotions or bonus opportunities are shared within the BC.Game community, including forums and social media. Engaging with fellow players can provide valuable tips on how to earn more points or access exclusive bonuses.
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How can I join the BC.Game VIP Club?

Joining the BC.Game VIP Club automatically unfolds as you dive into the gaming world on their platform. Your journey through the VIP levels is dictated by the intensity and volume of your wagering activity. The simple formula here is: the more you play, the higher you climb, unlocking a cascade of perks and bonuses designed to enrich your gaming experience at every step. Attaining VIP level 22 is a landmark achievement, opening the gates to exclusive bonuses such as weekly cashback and the BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus, among others.

What benefits do I get by reaching VIP level 22 at BC.Game?

Reaching VIP level 22 at BC.Game is akin to entering a realm of premium benefits. This milestone unlocks an array of rewards including the Weekly Bonus, BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus, elevated cashback rates, access to exclusive promotions, personalized VIP support, and more. Each of these benefits is crafted to not only elevate your gaming experience but also to acknowledge and reward your fidelity to the platform.

How does the Weekly Bonus at BC.Game stand out from other online casino bonuses?

The Weekly Bonus at BC.Game distinguishes itself from other online casino bonuses through its bespoke approach, aimed at celebrating the platform’s most loyal and active players, particularly those who’ve ascended to VIP level 22 or beyond. The bonus is meticulously calculated based on your wagering activity over a specified period, ensuring those who consistently engage with the platform are rewarded in a manner that reflects their activity. This tailored reward, in conjunction with the BC Sports Club Weekly Bonus for those inclined towards sports betting, underscores BC.Game’s commitment to offering personalized rewards across its wide array of gaming and betting experiences.

Does BC.Game offer different bonus structures for cryptocurrency and fiat currency users?

BC.Game embraces both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fiat currency users, offering bonuses in BCD (the platform’s native cryptocurrency) or other cryptocurrencies, while also accommodating fiat currency preferences. Despite the primary focus on cryptocurrencies, the platform ensures that all players, regardless of currency preference, can revel in the benefits offered. The main distinction lies in the payout method—crypto or fiat—yet the intrinsic value and the potential to leverage these bonuses to augment the gaming experience remain unwaveringly consistent for all players.

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