All possible BC.Game no deposit bonuses

No deposit bonuses at BC.Game are additional free rewards that are available after registration and do not require any funds to be deposited. These bonuses make it easier to get started and provide regular additional rewards for experienced players.

Find out about all the possible rewards to maximize your balance and chances of winning!

9 USD bonus from BC.Game without deposit

To secure a $9 bonus from BC.Game sans a deposit, adhere to these directives, rooted in the welcome bonus intel furnished. By executing these measures, you can amass a total of $9 in bonuses without the requisite of a deposit. This aggregate emanates from the discrete compensations for altering your avatar ($1), authenticating your phone ($2), configuring your currencies ($1), and substantiating your identity ($5).

  1. Account inception. Initiate by enrolling at BC.Game. Scout for the “Claim Rewards” emblem situated on the website’s right flank and engage with it.
  2. Tackle the “Welcome bonus” task. Activate the claim mechanism to procure five lottery vouchers.
  3. “Now you see me’ task. Alter your avatar on the BC.Game domain to net a $1 bonus.
  4. Phone validation. Culminate the phone number validation sequence to bag a $2 bonus.
  5. Currency configuration. Tailor your favored currencies within your account settings to annex a $1 bonus.
  6. Identity confirmation. Navigate through the identity verification conduit to seize a $5 bonus.

BC.Game lottery

Immerse yourself in the BC.Game Lottery for an opportunity to engage in a demonstrably equitable lottery, infused with the anticipation of sizable gains through thrice-daily draws. This document delves into the mechanics of participation, the foundational rules, the prizes on offer, and the transparency of the drawing mechanism. Utilizing a 5+1 ball arrangement, the lottery’s draws are convened daily at 15:00 UTC+0.

The allocation of prizes

  • Match all 6 numbers. A bounty of $100,000 awaits, to be equitably distributed among any concurrent victors.
  • Match 5 numbers. A $3,000 reward per ticket is conferred.
  • Match the first 4 out of 5 numbers. A $20 reward per ticket is bestowed.
  • Match the first 3 out of 5 numbers. A $1 reward per ticket is granted.
  • Failure to match any numbers. Participants are awarded a complimentary ticket for the ensuing draw.

Guidelines for engagement

  1. Initiate participation. Procure tickets, each valued at $0.10, redeemable with BCL or any among the 32 cryptocurrencies specified under the Coin selection.
  2. Selection of numbers. Post-ticket acquisition, select six numerals – five from a range of 1-36 and an additional one from 1-10. This selection may be undertaken manually or through the Auto Generate feature.
  3. Participation in draws. The lottery orchestrates draws thrice per day, at intervals of every eight hours. Remain vigilant of the countdown to the forthcoming draw.
  4. Confirmation of winnings. Subsequent to the draw, verify any winnings by consulting the lottery’s archival records tab.

Insight on BCL

BCL, an exclusive currency tailored for the BC.Game Lottery, is pivotal for the acquisition of tickets, each pegged at $0.10. Although direct deposits or withdrawals in BCL are not facilitated, the conversion from alternative cryptocurrencies is viable through BC SWAP. BCL is operational across a myriad of games and communal engagements, enhancing the BC.Game Lottery experience.

No deposit weekly and daily tasks

BC.Game unfurls an enthralling rewards mechanism via its Daily and Weekly Quests, designed to amplify player immersion and augment value for those actively participating. These quests furnish a methodical approach for players to interact with the extensive selection of games at BC.Game, rewarding their endeavors and triumphs within the platform’s gaming sphere. Daily Quests proffer immediate daily objectives, while Weekly Quests outline more extended targets, fostering enduring engagement throughout the week.

Daily quests

Just Wager On

  • Task. Amass a daily wager aggregate of $100 across all games.
  • Reward. 0.2 BCD.

Slots Master

  • Task. Attain a single-day profit threshold of $4.00 in any third-party Slots game.
  • Reward. 0.4 BCD.

Big Win

  • Task. Secure a payout of 50x or greater in any game with a wager exceeding $0.40. Persist in placing bets above $0.40 until securing a win that aligns with these stipulations.
  • Reward. 0.2 BCD.

Weekly quests

Wager Week

  • Task. Cumulate a weekly wager total of $700 across all games within the week.
  • Reward. 0.7 BCD.
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Daily Roll Point Game (VIP3)

The Daily Roll Point Game, a distinctive feature tailored for VIP3 level members within the BC.Game community, offers a daily exhilarating opportunity to win prizes through a straightforward dice roll. This segment provides insight into the game’s access criteria and operational mechanics:

Eligibility for the Daily Roll Point

  • VIP tier requirement. Achieving VIP3 status in BC.Game’s loyalty hierarchy is essential for game participation.
  • Active wagering mandate. To qualify, participants must have placed at least one wager, excluding JB Coin bets, on any game within the 24-hour period prior to engaging in the Roll Point game. This underscores the need for authentic currency or cryptocurrency wagering activity.

Mechanism of participation

  • Daily engagement. Meeting the eligibility prerequisites grants the privilege to partake in the Daily Roll Point Game each day.
  • Dice rolling procedure. The essence of the game lies in rolling four dice. The outcome of these rolls determines your cumulative score or points for that day’s game.

Victory and Incentives

  • Premier ten rolls. On a daily basis, the top ten highest-scoring rolls among participants are awarded prizes. Hence, to claim a reward, your total dice roll score must be among the highest.
  • Reward specifics. The nature of the prizes can vary, including bonuses, free spins, or other rewards extended by BC.Game.
  • Non-JB wager imperative. The contest encourages active participation in the platform’s wagering opportunities, requiring bets made with real currency or cryptocurrency, excluding JB Coins.

Constant rains in chats (VIP4)

The Raining Bonus emerges as an innovative endeavor by BC.Game, meticulously engineered to bolster interactivity and reward active participation within its chat forums. This initiative accentuates the platform’s dedication to fostering a vibrant community spirit, offering recompense to users for their contributions to the daily dialogue.

Elucidation of the Raining Bonus

  • Incentive for active engagement. The quintessence of the Raining Bonus resides in its capacity to reward individuals for their dynamic involvement in the platform’s discussions, providing a conduit to accumulate complimentary digital assets simply through interaction with peers within the community.
  • Temporal distribution of rewards. At every interval of six hours, six individuals, who have achieved a minimum of VIP level 4 and have shown activity in the chat room, are serendipitously selected to receive this bonus. This mechanic furnishes a perpetual opportunity for members to secure rewards throughout the day.
  • Diversity in cryptocurrency rewards. Mirroring the wide array of digital assets endorsed by BC.Game, the magnitude of the Raining Bonus may vary, bestowing recipients with rewards in different cryptocurrencies and thus adding an element of excitement and diversity to the program.

Stipulations for the Raining Bonus

  • Criteria for participant eligibility. The eligibility for the Raining Bonus hinges on reaching at least VIP level 4, establishing a benchmark for participant engagement.
  • Algorithmic selection mechanism. The selection of recipients is facilitated through a bespoke Rain algorithm, which judiciously picks participants based on their zeal in messaging within the chat forums, thereby encouraging rich communication.
  • Diffusion of intelligence transpires thus. The transmission of essential particulars regarding the Deluge of Rewards, comprising the proclamation of victors, unfolds within the digital forums, shepherded by algorithmic dispatches from mechanical couriers.
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No deposit bonus for leveling up

  • Silver VIP (Levels 8-21). This tier offers a cumulative prize of 18.90 BCD for level advancements, alongside a tipping feature for player gratitude expressions and an additional lucky spin commencing from level 8 to augment winning opportunities.
  • Gold VIP (Levels 22-37). Elevates the level-up reward to 204.00 BCD, with a Recharge Bonus providing 10-16% of wager*1% over a consecutive seven-day span, alongside enhanced weekly and monthly cashback and sports bonuses, plus the continuation of the lucky spin with each level progression.
  • Platinum I VIP (Levels 38-55). Level-up prize escalates to 1905.00 BCD, with augmented recharge and cashback benefits, access to VIP hosts, waiver of withdrawal fees, and the perpetuation of the lucky spin for enriched rewards.
  • Platinum II VIP (Levels 56-69). Marks a significant increment to a 5850.00 BCD prize for leveling up, offering superior recharge rates, exclusive SVIP benefits, luxury giveaways, continued no-fee withdrawals and VIP host access, and the sustained advantage of an additional lucky spin with each level advancement.
  • Diamond SVIP (Levels 1-55 across Diamond I, II, and III). This pinnacle tier showcases level-up rewards ranging from 30,600 BCD to an extraordinary 1,462,000 BCD, the zenith of recharge bonuses, unparalleled weekly and monthly cashback offers, augmented sports betting rewards, and ultimate SVIP benefits, continuing the tradition of the extra lucky spin with each level, significantly enhancing the player’s journey’s value.
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Flash Drops bonus

Flash Drops at BC.Game emerge as an electrifying, swift-paced method for enthusiasts to secure complimentary bonuses through ShitCodes broadcasted on the platform’s Telegram Channel. Tailored for the prompt and alert, these drops bestow rewards upon individuals who manage to lay claim to them before they dissipate into oblivion.

Essence of Flash Drops

At their core, Flash Drops are comprised of ShitCodes, disseminated exclusively via BC.Game’s Telegram Channel. These codes represent a treasure trove accessible only to a rapid response team meeting specific level and wagering criteria. Lucky recipients are graced with rewards in the currency designated by the Flash Drop, making each drop a coveted opportunity for instantaneous gain.

Strategy for redemption of Flash Drops

  • Subscribe to alerts. Engage with the BC.Game Telegram Notifications Channel and ensure your alerts remain activated, a critical step to guarantee no Flash Drop goes unnoticed.
  • Velocity is key. The moment a Flash Drop alert materializes, urgency becomes paramount. Quickly copy the ShitCode to ensure you’re among the first to respond.
  • Claim your bounty. Propel yourself to the bonus section on BC.Game, seek out the specifically marked field for ShitCode entry, insert the code, and advance to claim your reward.

No deposit bonuses for advanced VIP players (VIP14+)

BC.Game orchestrates a trio of captivating avenues for players to accrue rewards and bonuses, centered around their engagement and gameplay on the platform. These avenues — “Hit Coco,” “Daily Wager Contest,” and “Master Medals” challenges — are designed to invigorate the gaming experience and incentivize active participation.

Hit Coco (VIP14)

  • Mechanism. The platform’s spider mascot, COCO, makes unexpected appearances every 6 hours. Players are tasked with being alert and agile to click on COCO upon its emergence.
  • Eligibility. Accessible exclusively to participants who have ascended to the VIP14 level, ensuring that the rewards are tailored to more dedicated players.
  • Reward. Successfully interacting with COCO yields BCD rewards, with the amount proportionate to the player’s VIP status, thereby enhancing rewards for those at higher VIP echelons.

Daily Wager Contest

  • Overview. This competitive contest challenges players to outdo one another in terms of the amount wagered over a 24-hour cycle.
  • Prize pool. The contest’s prize pool is dynamically funded by a fraction of every bet placed on the platform, swelling with increased player activity and betting volume, thus fostering a vibrant competitive arena.
  • Reward distribution. The accumulated prize pool is apportioned among the day’s highest wagerers, promoting a spirit of competition and continual engagement among the community.

Master Medals

  • Objective. The challenge encourages players to complete noteworthy tasks on the BC.Game platform, each associated with a distinct medal.
  • Collection goal. The overarching aim is for players to amass all the Master Medals, presenting a long-term engagement strategy.
  • Grand prize. A substantial bounty of $10,000 awaits players who achieve the feat of collecting all Master Medals, offering a lofty incentive for sustained and diversified gameplay.
  • Details. BC.Game’s official site serves as a repository of detailed information regarding the criteria for earning each medal and the specific tasks necessitated.
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Exclusive no deposit bonuses for VIP22+

Monthly bonus

  • Stage of implementation. Currently in its nascent phase of deployment, the Monthly Bonus is poised to emerge as a lucrative benefit for the BC.Game community, catering specifically to players of VIP level 22 and above.
  • Objective. The aim is to furnish additional value and incentives for consistent interaction with the platform, recognizing and rewarding the dedication of its community members.
  • Prospects. As the bonus system unfolds, it is anticipated to evolve into a pivotal component of the platform’s rewards architecture, bestowing regular, significant incentives that mirror the player’s engagement and loyalty levels.
  • Availability. Information pertaining to eligibility criteria, the claim process, and the intricacies of the bonus structure will be disclosed as the program transitions to full operational status.


  • Eligibility. Accessible to members who have attained VIP22+ status, the Recharge bonus represents a dynamic and immersive rewards mechanism.
  • Mechanism. This bonus allows players to claim rewards every 10 minutes, predicated on their wagering activities over the preceding 7 days, thereby incentivizing continuous play and engagement.
  • Benefit. Such an approach guarantees a consistent stream of rewards, intricately linked to the player’s activity level on the platform, ensuring that the most active players are suitably recognized and rewarded.
  • Guidance. BC.Game provides a comprehensive guide and additional instructions on its platform, equipping players with the requisite knowledge to fully leverage the Recharge bonus.


How can I participate in the Daily and Weekly Quests at BC.Game?

To engage in the Daily and Weekly Quests at BC.Game, your initiation is as straightforward as partaking in any of the qualifying games offered on the platform. The Daily Quests undergo a renewal every 24 hours, whilst the Weekly Quests commence anew with each week. It is incumbent upon you to fulfill the distinct wagering prerequisites or the specified objectives associated with each quest to secure your BCD rewards. The mechanism for participation in these quests does not necessitate any additional enrollment; merely satisfy the established criteria, and the rewards shall be automatically allocated to your account.

What is BCD, and how can I use it on BC.Game?

BCD, standing for BC Dollar, represents the proprietary cryptocurrency of the BC.Game platform, maintaining a value equivalence of 1 BCD to 1 USD. The utilization of BCD encompasses engaging in the plethora of games available on BC.Game. Acquisition of BCD can be achieved through various endeavors on the platform, including the successful completion of Daily and Weekly Quests. BCD offers a versatile medium to explore the extensive gaming repertoire on BC.Game and facilitates exchanges within the platform’s ecosystem.

Are the rewards from Daily and Weekly Quests instantly credited to my account?

Concerning the rewards from Daily and Weekly Quests, they are generally credited to your account posthaste upon the accomplishment of the quest stipulations. While immediate crediting is the norm, a nominal processing interval may occur occasionally. Should there be a discrepancy between your quest completion and reward reception, it is advisable to reassess the quest criteria. Should discrepancies persist, reaching out to BC.Game’s customer support is recommended for further guidance.

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